If it was easy it wouldn’t be called labor…

From the beginning, I had this goal to have an all-natural birthing experience. I told myself over and over again, women were pushing out babies long before epidurals even existed. YOU GOT THIS GIRL!! I had my mind completely made up. I had done my research, made my birth plan, & irritated the hell out of my doctor and family. I’m sure she cringed when she saw my name on the schedule because, let me tell you, I was PREPARED. I ate well while pregnant, I stayed as active as I physically could, & I drank a gallon of water a day. Anything for my baby! Is my “first time mom” peeking through?

Fast forward 35 weeks…

I find out that I have gestational diabetes and because I had completely planned for “super mom” status, I was crushed. I started to feel like a failure. I felt like I was messing this kid up and he wasn’t even here yet! Oh, and when my doctor let me know I was going to be induced to ensure T wasn’t too big, I cried!! Like Kim K, ugly cry, cried.

I made her promise we would wait as long as possible so she agreed no later than 39 weeks I’d be induced.

I tried EVERYTHING I could find on google and Pinterest to get labor started on my own. I drank gross tea, used weird oils, & walked until I had calves sent from heaven… it didn’t work. I was definitely going to be induced.

I cleaned my house, went grocery shopping, and packed my bags. Off to the hospital we go! I was induced with Cervidil and it was a 12-hour process. Thank God it worked after the first cycle and the contractions came on strong. My nurse came in and said, “Okay honey, we’re going to start the Pitocin to be sure these are effective contractions”. Baby T said nope and they had to almost immediately discontinue it but, it was okay because it really wasn’t needed.

Now if you recall, I had that whole, “I am woman, hear me roar” thing going on but, as hour four of active labor started that slowly crept out the window! I had used the yoga ball to deal with the back labor for as long as I could. When I had exhausted that method of pain relief my nurse told me about the walking epidural. For those that don’t know what a walking epidural is, it’s the epidural minus the numbing portion. I rocked with that walking epidural for about an hour and a half then, back labor started and I gladly got the rest of my epidural. Baby T was born roughly 30 minutes later with 3 pushes over a total of 6 minutes. My love, mom, and grandmother were in the room. My mom had the honor of cutting the umbilical cord. The nurses gave love the option and he said nope I think I’ll stay up here. It was actually kinda funny now thinking back on it.

I didn’t know what to expect. I obsessed over how I would feel once I had successfully delivered a baby. I thought I would cry but, I didn’t. I thought I would be super emotional but, I wasn’t. I felt complete. I felt like I was right where I was supposed to be ,doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Labor is a, sometimes planned, spontaneous event. Whether you go into it with your carefully typed out birthing plan with a specific experience in mind, like I did, or you go into it totally winging it. The end goal is still the same.

Baby T then,

Baby T now,



4 thoughts on “If it was easy it wouldn’t be called labor…

  1. I’ve read this before but something led me to come back and read it again. As long as I’ve known you, you’ve always had your ideal plans — and they had to go THAT WAY or else haha. The thing about it is that they always seemed to work out how you wanted. This is no different. When I see how you love on him, post about him, and when we talk about him — it just makes me smile. You’re still a superwoman even though it didn’t completely go your way ❤


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