A day at the gardens

Tips for a good day

1. Take a deep breath

2. Be present

3. Don’t let your gearshift thingamabob get stuck 😩😐

4. Oh, & pack plenty snacks for the bub (& maybe yourself)

Saturday I decided to get up and get T out of the house for a walk but, I wanted a change of scenery (& to avoid the hill that Is on our regular walking path. Judge me 🙃🤷🏾‍♀️) so we took a trip to the Harry P Leu Gardens. When we got there I heard a pop as I put my car in park (take a deep breath) then realized my gearshift thingamabob was stuck & my car definitely wasn’t in park. A quick SOS call to my dad and one emergency parking brake later, T and I were off to start our walk. I have to admit I was a little stressed but, as I watched T take in his new surroundings, I was reminded that I needed to be present, regardless of the other things going on. Because life requires me to work (how rude, right?), I’m going to miss out on some of his firsts. Why should I miss them when I’m right there to see them? So, take the time to stop and experience life through your little ones eyes. Who knows…you might just learn a thing or 2.

Until next time,


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