Sleep regression is a mutha!

T will be two next month. So far, we’ve managed to wean from nursing with little incident, start potty training with pretty good response to it, & slowly start navigating the “terrible twos” Cool beans.

When we officially stopped nursing, he started to sleep really good…like sleep through the night kind of good. A & I were happy people. I’m pretty sure you could see a glow on our face that only a full night of sleep can give you.

A couple weeks ago all of that changed. Tristan now doesn’t want to go to sleep or stay asleep. He wakes up around 2:30-3:00 and is in full blown party mode.

Apparently, as a child gets closer to that so sweet *insert eye roll* age of 2, they go through a sleep regression. Why doesn’t anyone warn you about that when you’re pregnant? They tell you about stretch marks, sore boobs, & inevitable weight gain but nobody talks about these sleep regression periods!!!

So, I cracked out my Google PhD and went to work. I needed to know not only how to survive it but why it happens.

According to Google, it ties into those “terrible twos” moments we’ve been experiencing for a couple months now. T’s favorite words are “noooo” , “really? *with shoulder shrug*, and “mooooveeeee”. Lovely right?

Sleep regression can also be a result of baby feeling overwhelmed by all the new things that we as adults forget are new.

Some of the tips I found were as follows:

1. Keep your kid in his crib. (Impossible as Tristan never slept in a crib or bassinet)

2. Use a gate to keep kid in his room if he’s already been transitioned to a bed. (Tristan had the habit of waking up and crawling into our bed at night so we moved his bed into our room. Mistake?)

3. Create a schedule and stick to it. (We’re awful about this but we’re going to get it together)

So the goal this weekend is to really come up with a good schedule for T and implement it. Oh and stock up on caffeine because it seems like I’m going to need it!

Any tips on how to survive sleep regression?? Leave them below! I’d love to read them!

Until next time,

Me 💕

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