Hello, December!

Hello December!! I am a total holiday junkie. I’m talking planning out menus and outfits for Thanksgiving (I was a slacker this year), putting the tree up as soon as Thanksgiving is over, baking cookies for Santa, leaving carrots for Rudolph, and Christmas movies kinda junkie. Every year, my family and I have a couple traditions that we enjoy and do together. We all pile … Continue reading Hello, December!


Brows: Mac eyeshadow- Embark Mac Studio Fix Concealer Eyes: Nyx eyeshadow base (neutral) Anastasia Beverly Hill -Realgar from the Modern Renaissance Palate – Transition shade Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Love Letter from the Modern Renaissance Palate – Crease and Inner corner Shade Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Primavera from the Modern Renaissance Palate – Center Lid Shade Morphe 35T Palate – 5th row 4th Shade – Outer V … Continue reading #MOTD


Hand, foot, and mouth disease. HFMD. This is a condition that is fairly common. It widely affects children under the age of 5. Typically, babies contract HFMD because they touch everything and then make a beeline for their mouths, if they can. Most people think this is an illness that mainly affects children in daycare and that couldn’t be further from the truth. We have … Continue reading HFMD

If it was easy it wouldn’t be called labor…

From the beginning, I had this goal to have an all-natural birthing experience. I told myself over and over again, women were pushing out babies long before epidurals even existed. YOU GOT THIS GIRL!! I had my mind completely made up. I had done my research, made my birth plan, & irritated the hell out of my doctor and family. I’m sure she cringed when … Continue reading If it was easy it wouldn’t be called labor…